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22 January 2013 @ 17:51
Cosplay stuffs  
Cosplay wise my first event isn't until London Expo (May) as sadly Kita is not running this year and I decided I couldn't afford to go to GemuCon and the Midlands Expo is too far for just one day. I also have never been to Minami before and have no plans to tbh. That gives me a fair bit of time to start working on costumes but this year is going to be tight money-wise so I'm not sure I can afford the ones I really want to do. I'm currently saving for my trip to Egypt in April and I also need to start putting money aside so me and Sean can get a flat together later in the year, can't wait to move out!  Considering I'm still on minimum wage this doesn't leave a lot for cosplay sadly... So I make no promises as to what I do this year but I will try to get a few new costumes done as last year was rather disappointing for me. I'm currently discussing 2 costumes with a commissioner for AyaCon in August and I've started work on some smaller cosplays that are mainly made from store bought items with hardly any accessories/props ect so I shall at least have something new done even if it isn't amazing. I might be able to have a photoshoot with those before May, depends how they go.

:damphyr:  Cosplays I really want to do this year:

:bulletpink: Rebecca Chambers- Resident Evil Zero & Resident Evil: Remake
:bulletpink: Aqua- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
:bulletpink: Yuna- Final Fantasy X
:bulletpink: Rapunzel (pink dress)- Disney's Tangled
:bulletpink: Sailor Moon- Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action)

:damphyr: Easier/smaller cosplays that I might actually manage:

:bulletblue: Rinoa Heartilly- Final Fantasy VIII - Version 4!
:bulletblue: Saria- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
:bulletblue: Kairi (school uniform)- Kingdom Hearts II
:bulletblue: Sara Sidle- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
:bulletblue: Hermione Granger (hoody & jeans)- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I'm hoping to have Hermione done within the next month for a private shoot and I've been looking into bits for Saria and Rinoa as well as I would like to wear one of those to Expo along with Rebecca if I have the money/time to complete her by then. Ideally I wanted Aqua done as soon as possible but I don't think Sean will be taking Terra to Expo so she shall be worn to Aya instead.

I also have quite a few ongoing projects that are sitting in my "to do" box on my floor that I have a habit of ignoring... This includes things like finishing the details to my Umbrella Chronicles Jill jacket, Kairi's keyblade, Kingdom Hearts uniform (I have all the materials), seeing if my old formal Alice dress is suitable for Julia Heartilly etc. They are things that I should be making time for but because none of the costumes have a set date they lack priority... But I really shouldn't leave them lying around unfinished as then I will rush and panic when I DO need them (i.e. snow = Jill jacket needs to be done to get photos in it). Bad Leo.

You can follow my cosplay progress on my Cosplay Island account but you might need to give me a few weeks to update it....
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