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10 March 2013 @ 14:01
Visit to Capcom UK HQ!  
As promised in my last entry here's one all about my visist to Capcom's UK HQ last month =3

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Capcom's UK HQ and test the new HD version of Resident Evil Revelations! They wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day by getting photos of several Jill Valentine cosplayers to share on the Capcom UK and official Resident Evil facebook pages. This was also a way to promote the up-coming release of Resident Evil Revelations for PS3, Xbox, PC and Wii U. The HD release will contain several new features, updated graphics, and will support achievements/trophies through PlayStation Network, Steam and Xbox Live. I'm afraid taking photos or filming the screens whilst playing was forbidden so I cannot tell you anything about the new gameplay itself ;)
All the cosplayers were invited by Silent Studios- http://www.silent-studios.co.uk/

Photos were taken by Jason Wright, the CEO / Creative Director of Silent Studios and Neil Gorton, the Social and Community Manager at Capcom who was with us throughout the morning. Neil also requested we film a Jill Valentine Harlem Shake, I didn't know what the Harlem Shake was at the time but I think most people are aware of it now! I was unfortunatly too far off screen to be captured in the video but it was fun all the same (if very random and made no sense to me at the time lol).

Me & Chloe (PaperTiger)

Some time was spent playing the game and also we were allowed to wander around the offices a bit. They named the rooms awesome things like "Raccoon City" and the room called "The Mansion" had an entire wall with a blown up image of the mansion from RE1 on it. I fan-girled so much it was amazing! The hallway also had a giant Executioner's axe that was bigger than me! I thought the staff were probably laughing at us girls going around getting excited by everything but it seems they were excited to see us too as when we were sitting in an empty office they kept stopping in the doorway taking photos on their phones lol

To top all that off we said hello to Masachika Kawata, one of the producers of Revelations via a live video call =D

I had an awesome morning and was so grateful to be given the opportunity to visit an awesome place that has part in creating a series I love.

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